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Pate Properties - Rentals

Pate Properties Inc has over 14 years experience managing rental property.  We not only find quality tenants, but also ensure that day-to-day maintenance is transparent to the owner. And in a hurricane-prone environment, we safeguard the owner’s investment.  Said one repeat customer, “Melaina Pate managed my property for 6 years.  Never did I have to deal with a single tenant issue.  Moreover, all repairs were supervised by her as if she were the owner. When it came time to sell, my first call was to Melaina, who facilitated a full-price contract before I could inquire ‘How’s it going?’ I highly recommend Melaina Pate and Pate Properties Inc for their professionalism, dedication, and enthusiasm. 


Pate Properties
11 Isabella St

Charleston, SC 29403
(843) 577-3193